Venerable Pitigala Gunarathana Swaminwahanse

Venerable Pitigala Gunarathana Swaminwahanse was the chief meditation teacher at Labunoruwa Kanda Forest monastery for some time.  By deeper contemplation and meditation Venerable Thero achieved a profound understanding of Dhamma going beyond the pages of books and traditional teachings.

Venerable Gunarathana Swaminwahanse  started to teach dhamma on the invitation of Lay buddhist followers  and conducted regular retreats at Peradeniya, Karapitiya, Anuradhapura and in Colombo. unfortunately Venerable Thero was  inflicted with a serious eye ailment and had to reduce the dhamma carika and travelling.  Venerable thero was invited to UK and Australia several times by followers in order to provide Venerable thero with better medical treatment.  But there seem to be little improvement and the eye sight faded very rapidly causing almost total blindness. Due to ill health Venerable Thero is currently residing  at  Sri Saddarma Niketanaya at  34, Church road off Gangarama Road, Maha watta, Wewala. Piliyandala.  It is about 500 m frm the Piliyandala Colombo road turnining off 500 m before Piliyandala city limits.

Ven thero help and guide those who seek his advice even today.  You can talk to Venerable thero at phone number   11 2 61 4615 or visit him at the address given above.

A collection of his talks are made available here. By listening to these talks with a keen grasping mind one can achieve a better insight in to Dhamma, and may definitely see the path more clearly.

May the Venerable Thero live long to serve Sasana, May he attain the final goal he seek.

Sadu Sadu

Ranjith Daluwatta


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