Ven Pitigala Gunarathana Swaminwahanse

Sabbasawa Sutta in brief Part 1
Sakkaya Dhittiya – Talk on The Buddhist TV on 28th March 2011
Talk on ” The  Buddhist” TV on 9th February 2011 Talks given in New Zealand


Sakyamuni Sambuddha Vihara – Melbourne, Australia

Anapanasathi Bhawana 2010-01-01-

Kusala Vitarka 2010-01-02

Dwitiya Sariputtta Sutta 29TH JULY 2010 AT 8.00 PM ON SLBC

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Download  links to MP3 dhamma talks given by Ven Pitigala gunarathana thero

SABBASAWA SUTTA (Your Gateway to Liberation) Download all 13 Talks – A complete Course for Liberation- Highly Recommended- Can be burned on to CD playable on DVD Players

Gamini Patipadawa – 2010-03-20 Radio Talk

2009-06-07-SLBC-Poson Poya Desanawa

2007-08-22- SLBC Nikini Poya Desanawa

2007-08-22- SLBC Nikini Poya Darma Sakaccawa

Retreat Talks

Talks from Brisbane  Australia -Retreats

Talks given during 2008

Talks during 2009

Talks given over SLBC (Radio in Sri Lanka)

Aasawa Sanharanaya (Talks from a One day Retreat)Uploaded on 26thMay2009

Anuradhapura Retreat Talks (Added new)

SABBASAWA SUTTA EXPOSITION FROM AUSTRALIA (Listen online or Download all 13 Talks – A complete Course for Liberation- Highly Recommended- Can be burned on to CD playable on DVD Players)


Niwan Maga – 3 MP3 Files for 3 Audio CDs

Evening Dhamma Desana During Vas 2008 (15 files in DVD/High MP3 PLAYER Format ) at Dhammasarana Temple Melbourne, Australia.

Nibbedika Sutta (2 Talks in 4 Files)

Bala Panditha Sutta ( 4 files) 2008_11-29

Niwapa Sutta (4 files of 2 Talks) 2008_11_30

Ananganna Sutta (2 Files)

Avijja Sutta Part 1– 2008-07-23

Avijja Sutta Part 2

Chula Saccaka Sutta (4Files)

Dewadaha Sutta (3 Files)

Indriya Sanwara Sutta (3 Files)

Kamma Nidhana Sutta (2 Files)

Sallekha Sutta (2 Files)

Sewithabba Asewithabba Sutta (2 Files)

Other Sutta Expositions at Melbourn 2008 (Avijja Sutta, Ananganna Sutta, Chula Saccaka Sutta, Beeja Sutta Bala Panditha Sutta, Maha Gopalaka Sutta Satsattana Sutta etc)

Talks given at Dhamma Sarana Australia (Large Zipped files of Low MP3 Format ,downloading Unzipping for listening on PC s)

Talks at Galle 2007 (Edited MP3 High format Suitable for Any MP3/DVD Player)

Talks given in Kandy One day Retreats (New)

Talks given at Subadraramaya -Nugegoda

Q&A – Question and Asnswer Sessions


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